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Dear JV,

Thanks for stopping to look at my latest launch Coffee Shop Profits.

As you know I have been a part time internet marketer for only 14 months…  I still work full time in my job, I work 70 hours a week and have 6 kids (yes 6)..yet I still manage to make $100 almost every single day as an internet marketer.. and this is something your subscribers/customers want but without the hard work!

I will show them  the best methods that I use to make money every day…all  they  need to do is copy what I do and start  TAKING ACTION!

I will show your subscribers easy ways to make money using Fiverr, Domain Flipping, Emailing and Facebook with proof they work. I am also giving a number of bonus’s to help them even more!

And the best bit- I have condensed the videos down to 20 minutes long to cover the quick way to make money BUT I am also includng the FULL courses for Fiverlicous, Flipadom and Listtatsic  so your customers are getting the full courses as well!


Coffee Shop Profits  WILL Give You The Best Methods To Make Money In  Affiliate Marketing


Inside the video training, I show you a variety of methods that I have used to make consistent money every single day.. just copy what I do and you can to.


Case studies of each method that show you how much you can make….your subscribers   you can copy and go..


As well as the proven methods I will show you some bonus videos on how I get sales and what other FREE methods I use. 

Front End $12.95

Three  Modules with over the shoulder training in evergreen niches.

Module 1 : Fiverr: How to become a successful Fiverr seller and quickly scale your Fiverr Account into a full time business. This includes a case study on how I personally made over $6000 with this method.

This includes the full Fiverlicious course.

Module 2 : Domain Flipping- How to buy Domains for $10 and sell for $125 over and over again with my own case studies.

This includes the full Flipadom course.

Module 3 : Emails- My full course Listastic how to to write emails that make sales! + 

Bonus Methods- How to make money with Facebook, Quora and Google Alerts

OTO 1- $37. (The No Brainer!)

 For OTO1 you get my ‘Advanced Fiverr Strategy’ that your subscribers can use to make extra money  on demand when ever they like. This secret hack enables Bobby  to pull in anywhere between $50 to over $100 each time they use it!  The entire advanced system has been condensed into just one video, so your buyers can get results super fast!  

You also get my second method to sell and buy domains with a twist that will increase your customers income to make money selling domains.

You also get my Advanced Flipadom Hack where I show you how you can make even more money flipping domains with my secret method that potential customers love!

You also get my rolodex of sites to sell and flip domains-the no brainer OTO that your customers will love to speed up their profits.


OTO 2- $67.00


The commission bump!  

For just $67 you buyer gets the opportunity to “steal my business” !   They get 100% commissions across the whole funnel. 

All they need to do is send the traffic, and then keep all the money they make.

This is always a winner !


Competition Time!

1st Place $200

2nd Place $100

3rd Place $50

Contest Minimums – You must earn the same amount in commissions as the prize money for all the contest

Teams – Teams of up to 2 are allowed and need to be communicated to us before the launch begins.