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I'm going to keep this short and sweet!

 Recently I have been eyeballing some domain names and started researching there profit potential in certain marketplaces.

First, I noticed that  already had a MASSIVE  Appraised Value of $23,451. 

            Then I noticed had an appraised value of $1146.00

          Finally had an appraised value of $1,169

Thats a Grand Total Of $25,766 


All three of these domains easily fit into the  Tech Niche/Make Money Niche which is MASSIVE!. Anything in these niche's has one of the highest search rates on the net, make money blogs, affiliate stores, affiliate products, affilaite anything just sells sells sells! Some of the most successfull internet stores and blogs makes thousands of dollars just from blogging about make money/tech related matters! Set up a blog or store with these domains and marketit right and you are instantly getting thousands of vistors, for doing nothing!

Third thing I noticed people are going crazy for domains like these! has many uses from being associated with DJ mixing, to food blogs and more! Its a 5 letter domain which is ULTRA rare! is a great misspelt word for tradedeal, its the most misspelt way on google and has thousands of hits per month.. thats easy FREE traffic for your is a bitcoin word which is just massive and very hard to find these days!

You can make easy money either Flipping these domains on Flippa or Godaddy etc or turning them into a blog or store..this really does not get any easier and I am offering this today for my loyal followers. You can easily re-sell these  'As Is' and you could make thousands if marketed correctly.

And to help you even more I will offer you my advice via email or skype for one hour and advise you how to move these domains on or what to do with them!! I usually charge my domaining students $1500 for my domain course and advice..

Recently in the last couple of days those on my Domaining list have been asking how I found these names and would I be willing to sell them and for how much..Well this answer is I am NOT unless you are willing to pay a premium price of $995 but because I am offering this to my loyal followers I will offer this for a one time fee for the next 24 hours for the one off price of $99- you will also get my advice and help on what to do with these domains.

Thats $25,766 worth of domains for ONLY $99!!

This is no fairy tale-this is the real deal and a sure fire easy way to make $$$, remember you get THREE Quality  domains and my advice but only to the first person who takes this offer up.

Ok, You have the offer of the year, got to run!

 Read below and grab this one while you can, resell it, build it,flipp it,run your business, start a business..the choice is yours!

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