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‘Over The Shoulder’ Case Study Reveals How to Make PASSIVE INCOME With An Easy To Follow System Using FREE Traffic….

Thanks for Looking At 20 Minute Tactics Where I Will Show You How I Got StartedIn Affiliate Marketing And I Show You The EXACT SYSTEM I Use To Make PASSIVE Incomeusing FOUR Of the best FREE TRAFFIC METHODS out there!

20 minute tactics

20 minute tactics

20 minute tactics

​Struggling To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing..Keep Reading…

When I started in Affiliate Marketing I had no idea! I knew nothing about sales pages, lead magnets, squeeze pages..nothing!

If like me you bought WSO after WSO, tried method after method and got nowhere I feel your pain. Some methods work, some don’t. You make a little bit of money but its never enough, wondering if there is actually a way to make money online that WORKS.So I started to watch Youtube Video after Youtube Video, read up on everything IM related, ask questions of the big affiliates and slowly started to piece it all together! 

Most method’s online are quick fix’s….YOU need a system that has worked for years. A system that EVERY affiliate started with and a system that still works TODAY.  A system that I use EVERY TIME to make PASSIVE AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS.

Perfect For Newbies Looking For A Start In Affiliate Marketing

Over The Shoulder Videos Showing  Exactly What To Do

Once Set Up Spend 20 Minutes A Day For Passive Income Forever!

Every Day I Get The Same Questions….

‘Bobby, how do I get started in Affiliate Marketing I am getting nowhere’, and ‘Can you help me please, I buy WSO after WSO and still make no money’..or ‘ I need a way that works, some guidance, please help’. Sound Familiar….?

So I Have Set Out The Fastest, Easiest, 

Most Newbie-Friendly Method For Making Passive Income Starting Today….

I Wanted A System That Anyone Could Use And Make Passive Income With.. My Plan was…

A System A Complete Newbie Can Implement

A System That Takes 20 Minutes A Day To Work

A System That Works 100%… Simple.

I Have Put Together A System That Anyone Can Use To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing And Bring In Passive Income..

This is the system I use and I teach to my paying student’s.

This is the system that brings me in PASSIVE INCOME on a regular basis.

I spend 20 Minutes A Day on this system…thats it!

Are You Ready To Make Passive Income With A Simple To Use System?

Introducing…. 20 Minute Tactics

20 minute tactics

Over The Shoulder Video Training

Inside the over the shoulder video training I will show  you exactly how to set this method up from the beginning to the end.. not only that I will give you FOUR FREE Traffic Methods to drive FREE Traffic to bring you passive income forever.​

I will show you how in only 20 Minutes A Day you can drive FREE traffic to your Affiliate Offers….if your a Newbie to Affiliate Marketing this will set you up to make Passive Income forever..

See What’s In The Membership Area..

How To Find The Best Clickbank And W+ Offers To Promote..How To Set Up The System In 30 Minutes..Over The Shoulder VideosHow To Set Up A Sales Page,Bridge Page And AutoresponderHow To Drive FREE TRAFFIC to your offers..4 Of The Best Ways EverLearn To Get Passive Income For 20 Minutes A Day..

Grab 20 Minute Tactics At The Discounted Price Today!

I usually show members of my membership site this system, they pay up to $197.00 to join.

So I had to think long and hard about pricing this…. whats it worth to kick start someones Affiliate Marketing carear and give them the opportunity to start making passive long term income..

I could easily have charged $49,$69,$99 for this….

But I have decided for a few days only to give EVERYONE the change to purchase this course at my discounted price making this affordable to everyone..

WARNING! This Is A Time Limited Sale Before Price Rises

Get These Money-Making Bonuses For FREE When Grab 20 Minute Tactics TODAY..

20 minute tactics

Affiliate Cash Monster..Discover How You Can Work Smarter And Greatly Increase Your Affiliate Commissions… While Easily Outselling ALL Your Competition! If you want to make money online, one of the proven and tested technique is called affiliate marketing. This way of making money on the internet has a very simple principle. All you need to do is just sell other people’s products in exchange for commission. Sounds easy right?Well, if you already have the experience this might be a piece of cake for you. But if you are a complete beginner, understanding the basics to advance is necessary.

20 minute tactics

Affiliate Rocket..Launch Those Subscribers Skyward!

When you’re just starting out, the most time you’ll spend will be in building your mailing list and fostering a relationship with those leads.Once you have that foundation, you can set 80% of your tasks on autopilot and then focus on reviewing products that you believe in and continuing to extend your marketing funnel. This great product shows you EXACTLY how to get started and getting those subscribers!

20 minute tactics

20 minute tactics

How To Make $10,000 In The Next 90 Days.

Many people have a hard time believing that it is possible to make $10,000 per month only after 90 days. They have tried a few different approaches in Internet Marketing and have not made a single dollar so how are they going to make $10,000 in 3 short months? xfffThis course will show you how to achieve this with a step by step guide to make you a success in Affiliate Marketing.

20 minute tactics

20 minute tactics

Bonus Library Access

Get A Silver pass to download loads of content and E- books to give away as free products or lead magnets,

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Any Technical Skills Or Experience?

This is the PERFECT system for anyone struggling to new to break into Affiliate Marketing. If you can watch the videos, takes notes and take ACTION this works 100%


What About Training Or Support?

 This is a step by step video course and I take you through everything from choosing an offer to setting up your webpages…its all here to get your started as quickly as possible making money online. You also get access to my private Facebook page where you can ask any questions you need.

How Do I Make Sales?

I will show you EXACTLY what I do…not only that I will give you 4 of the main ways I generate FREE Traffic to my offers..all in only 20 minutes a day! 


Does This Work In Any Niche?

100% Yes! I will show you how this works with Clickbank and Warrior Plus but you can sell any offer there is in exactly the same way!


Nope! This is a digital high quality offer so I am offering no refunds on this. Why? I 100% back this product, it works simple. I have released a number of WSO’s in the past, Flipadom (1800+ Sales), $20 Dollar Days (250+ Sales) and do not get refunds… why?   This works, its  simple. If you TAKE ACTION you cannot fail with this. I am also offering my full support via Facebook and the Facebook Group should you need any help…it likes having your own personal assistant to hand !